Specialist Programs

Enrolling into Specialist Programs

Students may apply to participate in our Specialist Programs which include:

  • Specialist Agriculture Program
  • Specialist Basketball Program
  • Contemporary Music Program

Applications for Specialist Programs are welcomed from all students regardless of their residential address.

We encourage anyone with special ability and a passionate interest in these subjects to apply.

View our Year 7 Specialist Application Form

View our Specialist Application Form

Specialist Programs AGRICULTURE

The Specialist Agriculture program features cattle, goats, sheep, horticulture, aquaculture, and poultry. Students gain valuable experience for a broad range of careers including Veterinary Science, Agribusiness, Horticulture and Landscape Design. From Year 10, students are able to complete certificates and incorporate agricultural studies into university and career pathways.

Students will develop knowledge, skills and understandings of plant, animal and market systems, budgeting and marketing processes, the impact of both market and social forces on commercial enterprises, sustainability and sustainable practices, climate change, water quality, incubation, insemination practices and animal ethics principles, breed characteristics and responsible selection.

Specialist Programs BASKETBALL

Kiara College offers a Specialist Basketball course for those students who show a keen interest in the sport. This course offers students the chance to develop their skills as players, referees and coaches thereby enabling them to become lifelong participants in the basketball industry. Students in this program develop individual and team skills through 4 hours of specialist basketball instruction per week. Students work on developing skills in leadership, teamwork, fair play, competitiveness, and responsibility in the context of a team sport. The course provides students with the opportunity to graduate from Kiara College with a Certificate II in Sport & Recreation.

Specialist Programs MUSIC

Studying music stimulates imaginative and innovative responses and encourages students to reach their creative and expressive potential. Students’ active participation in music helps them to appreciate and meaningfully engage with music practices and traditions of other times, places, cultures, and contexts. Students have the option to study guitar, bass, drums through our dedicated Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) Program, which includes instrumental lessons and involvement in our college Rock Bands. Kiara College students regularly perform at community events such as Altone Comes Alive, K-Fest, the Contemporary Music Festival and the annual Act-Belong-Commit YOH Fest (Youth On Health Festival).

Distinctive Programs RISE

Kiara College prides itself on using sound, evidence-based teaching practise to meet the needs of all students on their learning journey from Years 7-12. The Responsive Intervention in Secondary Education (RISE) Program addresses the needs of a small number of students entering Year 7 or Year 8 who require a supported environment with intensive and explicit teaching programs and strategies. Student success in RISE is built upon a strong partnership between school and home. Our shared goal is to address issues in foundation knowledge, build confidence and equip students with their own strategies to succeed and thrive when re-entering Kiara College embraces positive change and innovation in the programs we offer and their mode of delivery to best suit the needs of our diverse school community.

Distinctive Programs STEM

STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons as students apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in contexts that make connections between school, community, work, and global enterprises. At Kiara College our focus on academic extension through critical and creative thinking, innovation in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capabilities and intercultural understanding in sustainable thinking is supported by our state of the art FABLAB and STEM Makerspace environments. Students undertaking STEM electives will work on developing solutions to real life problems using automation, robotics, laser cutting, 3D rendering, drone and virtual reality systems.

Distinctive Programs PERFORMING ARTS

Kiara College is home to a state of the art Performing Arts Centre that offers specialised spaces for Dance, Drama, Music, and Theatrical Production Engineering. Students at Kiara College have the opportunity to develop technique, stagecraft, choreography and performance knowledge and skills through a comprehensive program of Dance (jazz, contemporary, hip-hop etc.), Theatre Arts (drama, musical theatre, and comedy) and Music (instrumental and vocal). Kiara College offers a range of performance opportunities such as K-FEST, YOH FEST, College Production and Co3 Residency and WAAPA SmArts.


CLONTARF ACADEMY Clontarf Academy helps young men to attend school, finish Year 12 and enter employment. Using supportive relationships, a welcoming environment, and a diverse range of activities at Kiara College, young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men develop improved self-esteem and confidence which assists them to participate in education, employment, and society in a positive way.

SHOOTING STARS Shooting Stars empowers Aboriginal girls and women to make informed choices about their education and employment journey, helping them shoot for the stars. The program combines advocacy and support, engagement activities, rewards, and health and well-being sessions to strengthen participants’ confidence, cultural identity, and positive attitudes, while promoting health and well-being.

FOLLOW THE DREAM The Polly Farmer Foundation Follow the Dream program supports the aspirations of Aboriginal students to successfully complete their secondary schooling. Achieving academic success lies at the heart of the program through access to individualised after-school tutoring and mentoring that improves performance across all areas of the curriculum. Students experience a range of activities that enrich learning and broaden horizons, culture is celebrated, and knowledge, skills, behaviours, and dispositions are developed to assist students to live, work and ‘Dream Big’.

Distinctive Programs BIG PICTURE LEARNING

The Kiara College Big Picture Learning program provides an alternative education pathway to students from Year 10 to 12. It is based upon the Big Picture design for learning and aims to build a community of learners where all students help to create their own curriculum. Big Picture Learning students develop personalised learning plans based on their interests with a focus on enquiry and project based learning. Students in this program are provided with many opportunities to connect with real world mentors through excursion, work shadowing and internship. Students in the Big Picture Learning program showcase their learning through the quality of their work inside and outside of the college environment evidenced in their e-portfolio and assessed through exhibition and academic credential.

If you would like more information on any of these programs please contact Kiara.College@education.wa.edu.au or 6235 7000.