Noongar Language

Each Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language is unique to the Country/Place on which it arose. It gives voice to the landscapes, thoughts and ways of seeing and interpreting the world. Noongar is a language spoken across the Noongar nation which ranges from south of the town of Geraldton to Esperance. It covers the entire south-west corner of Western Australia. 

Kiara College is situated on Wadjuck land, one of the fourteen different Noongar groups and we are privileged to be able to offer our students the opportunity to study Noongar from Years 7-10. In years 7 and 8 all students complete a semester of Noongar language for two periods a week. Year 9 students can elect to study a semester of Noongar and Year 10 students can elect to study Noongar for the full year.