Behaviour Management

Kiara College is in the process of implementing a school wide approach to behaviour management called Positive Behaviour in School (PBiS).

This is a school wide strategy for helping all students achieve important social and learning goals. As part of the PBS program we will establish clear behaviour expectations for school community members in all areas of our school.

We will explicitly teach these behaviours to all students and acknowledge them frequently for their positive behaviour. The expectations for all student behaviour will be clear throughout our buildings and ground areas. The school behaviour expectations will build on our social/emotional and academic learning program, promote a positive school environment and give more time for teaching and learning. Kiara College’s School-wide expectations and the accompanying behaviour descriptors are outlined in our Behaviour Matrix.

By detailing expected behaviours and teaching them to students in a positive way, we will provide a common language and understanding for everyone in our school to be successful.We believe that by helping students practice good behaviour, we will build a school community where all students can succeed and grow into responsible members of the community.

The school-wide expectations are:

  • We are responsible
  • We are respectful
  • We are caring
  • We give our best effort